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UX design of real estate platform

Mockup of design

Reiz Tech asked us to redesign Lithuania’s leading real estate data commercialization platform. The service had grown to a point where numerous UX improvements were required to enable further growth. The work involved everything from the refinement of the existing information architecture to user testing via interactive new feature prototypes.


Getting search right was pivotal - real estate agents (who are the core target audience of the service) spend the lion’s share of their time searching for properties across assorted ad platforms. We ensured that their transition from property ad searches to real estate dataset searches is as seamless as possible.


The optimal search solution was based on a combination of tried-and-tested search features used by global market leaders in the property space and a handful of bespoke innovations that surfaced during user testing.


Users were given two layout options to test: a minimalist free text search vs. a complex, filter-driven search:

Process mapping

We had a short three months to remap processed and completely redesign the following areas of the platform:

  • User management 

  • Organisation management

  • Payment flow

  • Search

Low Fidelity Wireframes_edited.jpg
05 resizzed.jpg

Key activities and deliverables


Usability Testing & User Interviews


Competitor Analysis


Low Fidelity Wireframes (Figma)


Information Architecture


Task Analysis


Mid Fidelity UI Design (Figma)

Example of real estate website_edited.jpg

Task completion success rates were used in conjunction with qualitative user interview data to arrive at - what is hopefully going to be - the greatest real estate search and management experience on the market bar none. 

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